Ferry to Norway alternatives

Like many new ferry routes, this new connection to Norway from the Netherlands is also very popular and is therefore fully booked and sold out for almost the entire summer. Let’s help you towards the best alternatives.

It is possible to book Eemshaven – Kristiansand for 2023. Early booking is the only way to catch the ferry to Norway in 2023 in high season.

Tom de Lange

Alternatives to the boat to Norway

Outside the Eemshaven Kristiansand connection there are many interesting possibilities to reach Norway.

View the alternatives here to still get to Norway by ferry:

  • Book in advance for 2023, the only option to join this ferry in high season. Especially if you want to travel by car.
  • Get the combi tickets from Scandlines which means you get through the ferries and toll roads of Denmark and arrive in Sweden for a reasonable price. After this connection you still have to drive 6 hours from Helsingborg to Oslo in Norway.
  • Via the connection Kiel (Germany) go to Oslo, this connection is a luxury cruise ferry. Highly recommended if you want to travel luxuriously on the water.
  • Take the ferries from Northern Denmark (beware it is quite a long drive through Denmark to Northern Denmark) to Norway. There is also a connection from Northern Denmark to Kristiansand.

These are the best alternatives at the moment, the combi tickets from Scandlines are mainly interesting because they do not can really sell out, so many travelers to Norway include this in their planning: This can’t go wrong.

Also visit our Dutch version of this page: Alternatieven voor een trip naar Noorwegen. (NL)

Good luck with your trip!

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